Pre-Release Tour

In the lead up to the release of the first episode of Post Marked: Piper’s Reach Adam and Jodi are hitting the virtual road.

Nine Days. Nine launch ambassadors. Nine interviews.

Monday 2nd April
Laura Meyer – I’m Not the Messiah Just a Very busy Mum
Tuesday 3rd April
Paul Anderson – Once Upon in the West of London
Wednesday 4th April
Tim VanSant – otoh
Thursday 5th April
PJ Kaiser – Tuesday Serial
Friday 6th April
Alan Baxter – The Word
Saturday 7th April
Nicole R Murphy – Nicole Murphy
Sunday 8th April
Victoria Boulton – Victoria Boulton Writes
Monday 9th April
Rebecca Emin – Ramblings of a Rusty Writer
Tuesday 10th
Icy Sedgwick – Icy’s Blunt Pencil

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About Jodi Cleghorn

Emerging author, editor, publisher and innovator with a penchant for the dark vein of humanity. Creative Director (eMergent Publishing) and creative spark behind the conceptual anthology imprints Chinese Whisperings and Literary Mix Tapes. Author of ELYORA (Dec 2012), a horror novella set in rural New South Wales and co-author of the epistolary serial POST MARKED: PIPERS REACH with Adam Byatt. Known to dance like no-one is watching.

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