Share The Good News: There’s A Christmas Special Coming This Year

Dear Posties, 

There’s a lovely tradition in English television of the Christmas Special episode. Think of Doctor Who.

Two years ago we released a Christmas Special focused on the night of the surf club Christmas party in 1991. The night is mentioned in the letters so it was a natural place to return to and looked at their burgeoning, and doomed relationship, while also seeing their lives through their family and friends.

It is a night significant to the past of Ella-Louise and Jude, and was an opportunity to broaden the canvas of their history together and see who they were through a more colourful palette of characters. It included, and gave voice to: Jude’s parents, Bill and Marion; Ella-Louise’s mother, Carol and Jude’s best mate, Adrian.

Old friends, like old characters, well met. We have a very soft spot for the characters of Ella-Louise and Jude; they were our “comfort writing;” the writing that flowed almost unconsciously to create the lives of characters we lived with for so long that we see them almost as real. That if we were to walk down the street we’d recognise them in an instant in the crowd.

Therefore it is with great pleasure we announce a new Christmas Special. The release date will be revealed soon.

We don’t want to give away too much at this stage BUT there may also be EXTRA bonus material released with the Christmas Special so you will want to keep an eye out for announcements.

Adam and Jodi

P.S. We need your input. We would like song titles to use as chapter headings. Drop 3 song titles into the comments.

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