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Author, poet, card-slinger and wayshower. Debut novel "PostMarked: Piper's Reach" (co-written with Adam Byatt) out July 2019 with Vine Leaves Press.

Interviewed by Judge Whisky

The only thing I expected from Adam was he’d write a compelling letter once a fortnight, and where possible, provide legible handwriting! ~ Jodi

Judge Whisky hosts us for the final hiatus interview today. An avid reader and supporter from the first letter, plus a self-proclaimed ‘non-commenter’ because of the emotional impact of the letters, Judge gets the dirt on the project’s inception, expectation and faith in partnerships, directional intentions and outcomes, the intersection of fiction and real life in characterisation, evolving a series soundtrack and just how far we dare to dream ahead. And, for those of you burning to know about jellyfish and breast implants…you won’t be disappointed.

Writing this series has exceeded my expectations. I get to write an intriguing character, balanced against the revelations of Jodi’s character, their former friendship, the knowledge they have now, and I get to have a lot of fun doing it. ~ Adam

Miss last week’s interview with Laura Meyer? You can read it here, including an interesting discussion in the comments section about strengthening craft by  living vicariously on the page.

Interviewed By Laura Meyer

Until we kicked into Season Two, I was doing well. I’d had my early teary moments as I excavated Ella-Louise’s past, and then I just got on with it. Ella-Louise kind of gave up trying to seduce Jude via letter and things settled into a holding pattern. ~ Jodi

We had the pleasure to be grilled interviewed by Laura Meyer in the lead up to the conclusion of Season One.

Laura first interviewed us on April 2nd in the lead up to launch day. Today Laura revisits questions of form, story and direction, and throws in a few new one regarding fans, the difficulties of abiding by the No Spoilers Policy (NSP), how we’re coping with the emotional intensity of writing the serial and special questions deconstructing the characters of Jude and Ella-Louise.

Season Two has gone into a territory I didn’t think it would go so the emotional toll is heavier and more intense for me. It has made writing Jude a whole lot harder. ~ Adam

It’s epic, and you can read the complete interview here.

Post Script

And thus we come to end of (what we are calling) Season One with a taster of what is to come in Season Two.

Thank You

We thank you, our small, but dedicated cult following, who have spent the last five months with us as we’ve shared Ella-Louise and Jude’s story, passing it on to family and friends once you were hooked.

What began as a bit of a crazy idea at the end of 2009 and birthed earlier this year on a beach among wet, sandy, squealing children, has taken us on a journey neither of us really anticipated taking. Nine months later we have reached a point in the lives of our characters we never thought possible. We are intertwined intimately in their lives. They talk to us and are with us constantly.

We’ve been blessed to experience first hand, how readers become emotionally invested in characters, and care for them as much as we do. We know from comments that living vicariously through the lives of Jude and Ella-Louise has struck quiet moments of people’s lives, keeping them from reading, or pushing them to confront what’s inside. While it is a thrill to write Jude and Ella-Louise, it is also a responsibility we take seriously

Season 1 ends with Jude’s letter hinting at something BIG. Think of it as a season ending cliff-hanger. But you will have to wait as we take a two week break.


During the hiatus, our newest writing partners, Laura Meyer (@L_Meyer) and Joshua Londero (@judgewhisky), grill us about Piper’s Reach. We’ll post up links so you get all the interview/behind the scenes juiciness. Laura’s interview will be aired Tuesday, 4th September and Josh’s on the 11th September.


We’ve launched a Facebook Fan Page where all the readers can mingle and comment in the one place. At the moment there are a bunch of new and old photos up, including sneaky looks at the next three letters. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what comes next for Jude and Ella-Louise, or your thoughts on what happened at the reunion.

On The Horizon

Season Two commences with Jude’s “next letter” live Tuesday, 18th September, 9am Australian time.

There’s a storm coming.

Blog Tour: Day 5 with Alan Baxter

My Mum used to ask why I could remember song lyrics better than my History or Mathematics homework. ~ Adam

I don’t remember a time without music (apparently I could sing ABBA before I could talk). ~ Jodi

Today’s launch ambassador is dark fantasy and horror author Alan Baxter, who is also a music aficionado of the top order. In preparation for the blog tour we slipped the playlist from the letters to-date to Alan and today’s interview evolved from there, looking at the influence of music on our lives and writing, and how music accidentally shaped the narrative, characters and the manner in which we’ve chosen to exploit the digital platform.

Ella-Louise uses music as a mirror to her past, and later the changing dynamic of her relationship with Jude. ~ Jodi

Even though they have different musical tastes, the music they share amplifies their emotional connection. ~ Adam

Read the full article at The Word According to Me.

Blog Tour: Day 2 with Paul Anderson

This narrative lives and breathes under its own impetus, in the pause and nuance between what is said and what remains unsaid. ~ Jodi Cleghorn

Paul Anderson is today’s launch ambassador and in vintage Anderson fashion the interview includes a run down on just what an outsider thinks when all they are feed is hints and shadow truths during an information embargo… as well as getting to the bottom of the process of organic narrative and the influence of handwriting.

“…once the pen starts, I don’t pause to add or change things. It is what it is.” ~ Adam Byatt

Read the full interview at Once Upon a Time in the West of London.



Blog Tour: Day 1 with Laura Meyer

“…it raises the question of how would you react to meeting someone ten, twenty or thirty years later.” ~ Adam Byatt

In her indomitable style and with extra lashings of wicked humour Laura Meyer hosts us for a behind the scenes chat today about nostalgia versus challenge, story vs form and the most favourite part of journey to date.

“Reading that first letter was a homecoming… tearing open the envelope… I was simultaneously thirty-something and a teenager.” ~ Jodi Cleghorn

Read the full more interview at I’m Not The Messiah Just A Very Busy Mum.

Pre-Release Tour

In the lead up to the release of the first episode of Post Marked: Piper’s Reach Adam and Jodi are hitting the virtual road.

Nine Days. Nine launch ambassadors. Nine interviews.

Monday 2nd April
Laura Meyer – I’m Not the Messiah Just a Very busy Mum
Tuesday 3rd April
Paul Anderson – Once Upon in the West of London
Wednesday 4th April
Tim VanSant – otoh
Thursday 5th April
PJ Kaiser – Tuesday Serial
Friday 6th April
Alan Baxter – The Word
Saturday 7th April
Nicole R Murphy – Nicole Murphy
Sunday 8th April
Victoria Boulton – Victoria Boulton Writes
Monday 9th April
Rebecca Emin – Ramblings of a Rusty Writer
Tuesday 10th
Icy Sedgwick – Icy’s Blunt Pencil