The Making of Piper’s Reach

“Nine Days. Nine launch ambassadors. Nine interviews.”

Before the launch of Post Marked: Piper’s Reach we put the call out to see if someone would like to host an interview about the behind the scenes of our collaborative project. The following people graciously gave us time to to be launch ambassadors and spruik the project.

Monday 2nd April
Laura Meyer – I’m Not the Messiah Just a Very Busy Mum
Tuesday 3rd April
Paul Anderson – Once Upon in the West of London
Wednesday 4th April
Tim VanSant – otoh
Thursday 5th April
PJ Kaiser – Tuesday Serial
Friday 6th April
Alan Baxter – The Word
Saturday 7th April
Nicole R Murphy – Nicole Murphy
Sunday 8th April
Victoria Boulton – Victoria Boulton Writes
Monday 9th April
Rebecca Emin – Ramblings of a Rusty Writer
Tuesday 10th April
Icy Sedgwick – Icy’s Blunt Pencil

“A Storm Brews in Piper’s Reach”

We ended Season One of a cliffhanger.

In the lead up to Season Two and Jude’s letter of confession, we pared back on the interviews and shared our thoughts on what had passed and what was to come in two interviews (hosted by our writing collective partners Laura and Josh).

Tuesday September 2nd
Laura Meyer – I’m Not The Messiah Just A Very Busy Mum

Tuesday September 11th
Josh Londero – Judge Whisky

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