Dimensions 127 x 203 x 16mm | 304g
Publication date 21 Jul 2019
ISBN 9781925417951
Publisher Vine Leaves Press

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In December 1992 Ella-Louise Wilson boarded the Greyhound Coach for Sydney leaving behind the small coastal town of Piper’s Reach and her best friend and soulmate, Jude Smith. After twenty years of silence, a letter arrives at Piper’s Reach reopening wounds that never really healed.

When the past reaches into the future, is it worth risking a second chance?


“An incredible journey of love through the distortion of distance and time. The unique storytelling swept me up in the magic of falling in love.” Christina Hira, Her Webs

“Postmarked: Piper’s Reach is a trap, an elegant snare camouflaged with sweet nostalgic longing for a simpler past, of friendships, romance and careless emotion. You’ll immerse yourself in the tender correspondence reuniting high school nearly-lovers Jude and Ella-Louise like a gentle beach swell on a hot summer day, but the insistent undercurrents of hidden pain and unspoken secrets are a riptide, dragging you out into treacherous waters of broken lives and messy regrets. This is absolutely unforgettable storytelling that burns itself under your skin even while it breaks you on the rocks.” Dave Versace, Mnemo’s Memories

“I loved this beautiful exploration of the power of memories, the joy of human connection, and the pain when it’s broken.” Nik Perring, Not so Perfect

“What starts out as letters between friends turns into something more twisty, darker, soulful, and honest than you can ever imagine. The lies and truths we tell ourselves about love and loss are much closer than we think.” Emily Craven, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain

“A timeless piece of love, regret, and redemption that is both brilliant and heartbreaking. We all have a Piper’s Reach love story within us that reaches into the core of who we are as human beings.” Rus VanWestervelt, Fossil Five

“A deeply emotive, powerful and compelling adult coming-of-age story” Cath Evans, The Healing Season