Publication Progress

Almost a year has passed since we announced that Post Marked: Piper’s Reach has been accepted for publication and moving ever so closer to the expected launch date in July of 2019.

But first comes the editing.

Writing can seem easy sometimes but then you hand it over to someone else who has fresh eyes and they get to look at all the things you’ve been living with for years and point out all the incongruities, awkward passages, confusing conflicts and weird sections that made sense in your head (but really don’t) and ask you to have another go. It’s almost like your Year 3 teacher writing on your report card, “Must try harder.”

Our editor sent through a lovely email a week or so ago and pleasantly informed us that structurally its all ok so it’s off to the next round of edits. We expect these some time in March and will be a more in-depth read through to fix up all the little bits and pieces not looked at from a macro level. This time it’s all about the micro: how sentences and paragraphs line up, dialogue and speech, spelling and typos. 

We are both looking forward to having a reread in March and polish up the letters between Ella-Louise and Jude even further to bring you a powerful story.