The Authors

Jodi Cleghorn (@jodicleghorn) is a writer, editor, publisher with a penchant for the dark vein of humanity. Her short fictions appears in local and international anthologies. ELYORA, her debut horror novella released in late 2012, is short listed in the Short Fiction Horror section of the Aurealis Awards. It will be republished later in 2013 by Endeavour Press (UK) as RIVER OF BONES.

As publishing editor of eMergent Publishing, Jodi is the creative spark behind the conceptual short story anthologies Chinese Whisperings and Literary Mix Tapes, and the publishing muscle behind 100 Stories for Queensland. In May 2011 she was awarded the Kris Hembury Encouragement Award in recognition of her contribution to the community and status as an emerging artist.

Living in suburban obscurity she dances like no one is watching, brews tea like there is no tomorrow and writes as though there is no end to the possibilities.

Adam Byatt (@revhappiness) sifts through the ennui, minutiae and detritus of life and catalogues them as potential story ideas.  They are pretty much a pad of sticky notes on the fridge door.  These ideas have a funny habit of forming the basis of his writing.  Occasionally he finds loose change while on the search for the perfect pen.

He is an English teacher with an interest in literary pursuits, rhythmic permutations, theological amplifications and comedic outbursts.  Surprisingly, being a high school English teacher yields few ideas.  Perhaps he just isn’t looking hard enough.

As an occasional drummer and wanna-be drumming rock star, he wonders if one day he can combine the rock and roll lifestyle with a book signing tour.

A penchant for doughnuts and strawberry milkshakes will probably end in an Elvis-style demise.

You will find him also blogging at A Fullness In Brevity.

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